Monday, March 26, 2012

I have declared...

the 2012 triathlon season to be officially started!  Completed my first race of the season this past weekend on Saturday 3/24 up in Ocala, FL.  HITS Triathlon Series.  A little less than 90 minutes from home and a good reason to get away for a quick overnight. So first is the stuff you really want to know like distances and times.  Here you go.

Overall Time 3:15:55
Swim 1500 Meters--37:28
Transition 1--3:22
Bike 25 Miles--1:27:37
Transition 2--00:59
Run 6.2 Miles--1:06:29

Things that were awesome about this race:
Perfect weather conditions
Calm and clean water
Spotted an otter playing in the water right before start
First time in full sleeve wetsuit was a success (except for the getting it off part)
Well organized and very friendly staff
Great road surfaces for the bike
Got up to 34 MPH at the bottom of a really big hill
Lots of deputies directing traffic
Inaugural year means small crowd
No cramps, pains, aches, or injuries
Best transition area EVER. A stool with my name on it and a box for my bike.

Things that were NOT awesome about this race:
The guy who ket whacking me in the head for about half of the swim. Next time, I'm hitting back.
Running on loose sandy dirt trail through the woods. Boo to gritty brown toes.
Photos can only be purchased from vendor at the site on race day and not online. Inconvenient.

I will definitely be back next year to see if I can beat my time.  I'm happy with how everything went and how I performed.  Not the best ever, but I know exactly where I need to improve--keeping my heart rate down, not lollygagging in T1, and swimming better in a mass start.  Got the jitters out with one under my belt and can focus on improving for St. Anthony's at the end of April.

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