Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Ass...

I have happily returned from my sojourn to the great snowy tundra of New Hampshire.  Today was my first bike ride with a new saddle that did not come stock with my triathlon bike I.  More commonly known as a "seat" to all you non cyclists out there.  All I can say is Praise Sweet Baby Jesus!!!!  I have a happy ass and hoo hah once again.  That sentence gets not further explanation if you could not figure it out on your own.  No more numb legs and other sensitive body parts.  If you don't think a saddle upgrade makes a difference, you are sorely mistaken.  Pun intended. 

Bike Trainer @ Lake Nona YMCA
388 Calories Burned over 17.5 miles in 60 Minutes 
High cadence and hill climb drills

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