Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaack...

    Just when you though you could escape my harrowing narrative, I have risen like a phoenix from the swimming pool!  I only took a break from writing, not from training. Work was ridiculous busy, but the worst stretch is over. Here is the grand total summary of what the heck I have been doing for the past 15 days (not counting today) since I last blogged about my session on 1/29/12.  I figure this is better than boring you with the litany of details for each individual workout. 

4 Swims in 5 hrs. 6 minutes for a total of 5.38 miles and 1952 calories burned
3 Bikes in 6 hrs. 37 minutes for a total of 96.25 miles and 3156 calories burned
3 Runs in 2 hrs. 35 minutes for a total of 13.9 miles and 1461 calories burned
3 Hot Yoga Classes in 3 hrs. 35 minutes for a total of 1218 calories burned

GRAND TOTAL of 13 WORKOUTS in 17hrs. 53 min. for 115.54 miles and 7,787 calories burned.

More to come later today about this morning's exciting swim which included a conversation about yaks.

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