Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beware of shuffling turtles...

    Off and running in the dark this morning at 6:15am with only a small group.  And by running, I really mean shuffling my feet as if to resemble a turtle jogging.  With intermittent periods of snail walking.  The more sane people went later but not an option for me since I had other stuff to do starting at 9:00.  I was supposed to go by the local Dunkin Donuts at a specific time to pick up my loveable British friend Queenie.  I ended up worrying the crap out of her because I was late from running so damn slow and did not estimate my distance properly. (Coach promises that the heart zone training will pay its dividends later).  It was a nice treat to be accompanied for awhile by Queenie and another friend Bonita (she is a pretty Spanish teacher).  We talked about everything from restaurants to global travels. Tame topics for us. We also hatched an idea for their newly forming non-profit to be my first official IM sponsor that I will raise money for.  Kind of backwards, I know.  But more to come about that in a later post.

Run 7 Miles Heart Rate Zone 2
823 Calories burned in 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Yes, that's 16:00+ miles, all you mathematicians.

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