Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"I'm good enough..."

    Please pardon me for a moment while I adjust my oxygen mask.  My lungs are still burning.  Coach had us do a Lactate Threshhold Test for our workout this morning. Which should henceforth be known as the "Run Until You Can't Breathe Anymore" Test.   The instructions were to go fast as you can around a 400 meter track (or unconstructed subdivision neighborhood) at a sustainable pace for 30 minutes without stopping.  Check your heart rate every ten minutes (if you still have one) and yell that number to Coach as you literally run circles around her.  My numbers were 182 (10:00), 182 (20:00), and 184 (30:00).  Uncertain of what this means, but I'm told that I should be pleased my heart rate was consistent.  Of course this information was ominously recorded on Coach's top secret clipboard.  No doubt intended to come back and haunt me at a later training session. 
    For the record, I did 12.5 laps in the alotted time which turns out to be a 5K or 3.1 miles at a 9:36 pace.  Pastor Dave was going in a whirlwind past everyone and doing something ridiculous like 7:00 miles.  Who knew a man of the cloth could be so fast?!?  I am working very hard at letting go of my monkey mind chatter that says "You should be going faster."  Let's be honest that we athletes have a really hard time NOT comparing ourselves to each other.  Even when our teammates are genuinely cheering us on.  Self-criticism is my personal demon to exorcise and IMAZ training is certainly helping me do that. 

        Look in the mirror like Stuart Smalley and repeat:
        "I will run my own race."

TODAY'S WORKOUT from Lake Nona Water's Edge Neighborhood
Lactate Threshhold Test
Run 30 Minutes as fast as possible at a consistent pace
Check Heart Rate at 10 Minute intervals
464 Calories Burned 30 Minuntes (3.1 Miles)

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