Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's on my bucket list...

    Doing an Ironman by forty, that is.  I am an ordinary 39 year old woman with a full time job and all the usual trimmings that come with being a an average middle class American.  My first name is Stephanie but most of my friends call me by my last name--Preston.  I have a lifelong mission to cross as many things off my bucket list as I can. My goals range from lofty (write a book) to unusual (collect heart-shaped stones from around the world) to whimsical (attend the annual garlic festival in Gilroy, CA) to hard-working (earn a Ph.D.) to adventurous (ride across the country on a Harley). 

    I have already gotten to cross a few items off in the past five years.  Learn to swim (2007), run a marathon (2008), become a licensed counselor (2009), quit drinking alcohol (2010), and reconnect with my dad (2011).  In 2012 I intend to keep the momentum going by checking off two more things: 1) Completing an Ironman triathlon before I turn forty and 2) Keeping a blog.  By combining the two I get to subject all two of you to the inner workings of my mind as well as record my chronicles for posterity.  In all things, my personal motto is: "Just show up and do the work. The rest will take care of itself."  Let's see how it goes, shall we? : )

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