Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am running...

out of ways to express how slow I feel when I do these heart zone training workouts.  But I would definitely not call it running.  I was delighted share today's humbling experience with the company of my buddies Poopsay and Sharpei.  Long story on those nicknames that you are probably better off not knowing.  We opted to go on a nice blacktop trail that runs along the Little Econlockhatchee River through a park.  Another gorgeous day.  January is one of the best months to live in Florida.  They provided me with some much needed and objective friend therapy.  But more importantly, in the span of two hours, they devised a very useful five point speed scale complete with terminology and paces.  Please feel free to use for yourself!  So actually, today's workout was a walk.  But remember the tortoise and the hare.

1.  Walking (Slowest Pace) [16-18 minutes per mile]
2.  Slogging (Slow Jogging)  [14-16 minutes per mile]
3.  Jogging  (Halfway Between Walking & Running)  [12-14 minutes per mile]
4.  Junning (Running Jog)  [10-12 minutes per mile]
5.  Runing (Fastest Pace)  [8-10 minutes per mile]

TODAY'S WORKOUT from Blanchard Park YMCA
Run 8 Miles in Heart Rate Zone 2
876 Calories Burned in 2 Hours 19 Minutes

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