Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cold feet and snotrockets...

    In spite of today's title, I had an awesome ride.  45 degrees at start time was cold by Florida standards though.  Even my red and green fuzzy Christmas socks could not keep my tootsies warm in my cycling shoes!  The wind would have felt chiller were it not for the sunshine, so thank goodness for that at least.  But the thing that makes my training not only tolerable but actually fun is the people.  My triathlon buddies from the Lake Nona YMCA Team Vortex and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training are an awesome group of folks with backgrounds and characteristics as diverse as my sock collection.  Older and younger, male and female, veteran triathletes and rookies, sraight and gay, naughty and nice, etc...  You get the point.  Anybody who wants to do a triathlon can do it if you are willing to do the work.   I have been passed on a course by people who weigh 50 lbs. more than me.  But I distract myself.
    Back to today.  The highlight moment came early on when Flipper (she swims like a fish) blew her first successful snotrocket.  Thanks to my thoughtful instruction last week, she can now clear her runny nose while in motion, without the help of accessories.  I mean really, who has the patience for tissues when you're riding a bike?  I couldn't be prouder!  Next lesson: Not hitting the person riding behind you or your own clothing. 

Bike 45 Miles in Heart Rate Zone 2
1284 Calories Burned in 3 Hours 10 Minutes

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  1. Flipper needs another lesson in snotrockets. :) Good thing we will get lots of practice... or the folks at IMFL may hate me. LOL.