Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let the countdown begin...

    Literally.  It is 318 days until Ironman Arizona, henceforth referred to as IMAZ.  I picked this race because it is one of the last for the 2012 season and will allow me a full 11 months of training.  But let's be honest--some other reasons were not insignificant including calm water, no mountains, spectator friendly, training with ten friends who are also racing, and most of all because my Coach told me to do this one.  Her opinion carries the most weight in Preston Land. 

    Check out the website for more details.

    And of course it goes without saying that finishing IMAZ would fulfill the quest that is the title of my blog--doing an Ironman by forty.  I duly note for the record that because my birthday is December 28th, my OFFICIAL AGE when I cross the finish line will be 39.8 years old.  You seasoned triathletes out there know, however, that my RACE AGE will be 40 since USAT calculates this by how old you are on December 31st of the race year.  That's the number that matters since it is the one everyone will see on the back of my leg when they pass me on the run!

    It only took computer illiterate me 10 minutes to figure out how to add the countdown timer gadget to my blog. Find another website with a free gadget, then copy and past the html code folks. I have a feeling that learning the basics of blogging is going to be much easier to navigate than the physical demands of training! No copying and pasting someone else's 100 mile bike ride.

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