Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Daily Routine...

    Today’s post is in honor of my Southern friend who asked when I wake up in the morning in case she wants to reach out for support. Georgia Girl, y’all can call me any time you want! My alarm clock goes off most weekdays between 4:45--5:15am. I eat breakfast, get dressed, pack up the car, and head to my workout in the 30-45 minutes after that. I sip my coffee and talk out loud to God on the way, saying prayers while I drive. Other people on the road must think I'm crazy when they look over and see me chattering away by myself, but I don't care. We are all crazy, right?

    I usually get started exercising somewhere between 5:30--6:00am and go for 60 minutes, give or take 15. During a lot of my workouts I visualize people who are having a difficult time in their lives or remember various prayer requests. It helps to distract me from thinking about my own tiredness, discomfort or other negative mental chatter. Of course there are the times when I am so out of breath that my only thought is “I need oxygen right away!” (Coach is almost ALWAYS responsible for those moments). And then there are other times when I am totally engrossed in song lyrics. “I would walk 500 miles…” Catchy, huh? I know it’s playing inside your head right now! You can thank me later.

    I drive straight to my job after getting showered and ready at the gym. I eat my recovery snack while listening to music or morning news on the way. Hard boiled eggs, chocolate protein shakes, and bananas are my favorites. Please let me know if you have other yummy food suggestions or a prayer request of your own.

TODAY’S WORKOUT at YMCA Aquatic Center
Swim 2100 Meters/1.3 Miles
598 Calories Burned in 1 Hour 8 Minutes
Warm Up: 100 Kick, 100 Pull, 100 Kick, 100 Pull
Main Set: 3 x 500 increasing speed with 1:00 rest
Cool Down: 200 Backstroke

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