Monday, January 9, 2012

Suck it up, Buttercup...

    Back to my home base at the Lake Nona YMCA this morning.  The pool there is shorter than at the aquatic center, so it's a tad easier since I get a little mini-break after each 25 meter length instead of after each 50 meter length.  Not sure that it makes a difference since I don't know how to do flip turns anyway.  You know, that cool thing where swimmers do a somersault in the water and push off the wall with their feet to propel themselves back the other direction.  Maybe I will put that on the list of things to learn for 2013. 
   The challenge of today's swim was the pool heater being broken.  Again.  Trust me, your body can really feel the difference when the water is 5 degrees colder than usual in an outdoor pool! Brrrrr.  But apparently this will be just another part of the training since Tempe Town Lake at IMAZ is usually less than 70 degrees on race day.  Really, there are millions of people with bigger problems than a chilly swim.  So, to myself I say, "Suck it up, Buttercup!!"
    P.S.-Coach is crazy.  She invented a new drill called the bow and arrow which caused me to inadvertently inhale water and sink to the bottom. 


Swim 1700 Yards/.96 Miles**
425 Calories Burned in 55 Minutes
Warm Up: 2 x 100 Pull
Main Set:  1 x 50 bow and arrow drill
                 3 x 400 moderate speed with 1:00 rest
                 1 x 50 hard after each 400 with  :10 rest
Cool Down: 100 Backstroke

**Workout plan called for 2350 Yards, but I had to cut it short since we started late and I had to get to work on time.

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