Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny Sunday...

    I missed the team brick workout on Sunday due to my 5K race, so the plan was to fit that in on Sunday.  25 Mile Bike in Heart Zone 2 followed by 4 Mile Run in heart Zone 3.  Due to strange circumstances of not having access to my bicycle (the deatils of which are boring and unimportant), I wasn't able to ride so chose to do another long run instead.  It was a cool and sunny Sunday afternoon, perfect for exercising outdoors and having some solitude. It was a treat to be able to go to Heart Zone 3 and not get passed by kids on tricycles.   My pace picked up by almost 3 minutes per mile from last Sunday.  Praise Jesus!!! The delightful run was followed by some weightlifting at the gym and a protein packed Chocolate Elvis smoothie from Planet Smoothie.  Yummy!


Run 6 Miles in Heart Rate Zone 3
700 Calories Burned in 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Lower Body Strength & Resistance Training
206 Calories Burned in 28 Mniutes

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